Kinsella and the CPC

Warren Kinsella, Lying Jackal, CPC, PPC, Max Bernier, Andrew Scheer
Jackal taking down a Scheer

Last week the CBC released a tape recording (well I have to bet phone actually) of Warren Kinsella coaching his troops at his company Daisy. He pointed out that he had painted various conservative politicians as racists in the past and that he would do the same thing with a real racist in the form of Maxime Bernier. He counselled hatred as a communications strategy. And so on. I am neither shocked or surprised at the tape’s contents. Kinsella has been practising this sort of “kick-ass politics” for decades. Anyone who follows Canadian politics knows exactly what sort of slime Kinsella and those associated with him are.

Which means Andrew Scheer, his campaign staff and the cheque writers at the CPC knew exactly what they were getting when they hired the Jackal to dirty up Max Bernier and the PPC. They wanted Kinsella’s brand of nasty, deceitful, underhanded political hackery and, apparently, they got it.

The sheer lack of ethics and paranoia hiring the Jackal demonstrates pretty much proves that Scheer is not fit to lead the CPC or to be Prime Minister. A fact which is dawning on the CPC itself as it struggles to figure out what to do with their present leader. Before Kinsellagate it was possible to say that Scheer was a decent, if uninspiring, leader. Now? It is indecent to hire a political mobster to beat up your opponents. Which leaves Scheer as merely uninspiring. I would be astonished if he survives a leadership review.

The revelation of Kinsella’s filth may sink Scheer but it burnishes Bernier’s reputation. Virtually all the accusations of “racism” levelled against the PPC and Max personally either were manufactured by Kinsella or occurred in a climate of hate created by the Jackal. I have never seen a credible accusation and now we have a pretty good idea why.

The PPC, even with Kinsella’s disinformation campaign, secured over 300,000 votes from a standing start a year before the election. If the CPC tears itself apart with a red/blue fight, a lot of thoughtful, conservative, people will give the PPC a second look. Conservative MPs looking for an alternative to the nastiness and vindictiveness of the Scheer people might well be tempted to join the PPC. Max had a lot of caucus support for his CPC leadership run. He was careful not to unfairly attack conservative positions, rather, during the campaign, he attacked CPC positions which were, in fact, Liberal-lite positions.

Political pundits, as they do after every election in which the Conservatives fail to win government, solemnly inform us that it was because the Conservatives failed to move towards the middle. The fact that only 30-35% of Canadians are even a bit right-leaning is trotted out to show how impossible it is for the Conservatives to win government unless they move left. I think this analysis is entirely incorrect. A solid, right of center party which had libertarian social views would hold that 30-35%. From there it is simply a matter of finding 3-5% in carefully targetted ridings. To do that a party would have to come up with policies which, while conservative, do not alienate middle-class voters, immigrant communities and women.

I don’t think there is a chance the CPC will manage that simply because they are too tied to establishment politics in Canada. Yeah multi-culti, boo climate change only echos the Liberal Party’s bland formula for success.

Proposing a real energy policy with the objective of reducing families’ energy costs would be a real differentiator. Taking a harder line on illegal immigration and fraudulent refugee claims could win a lot of votes. Especially if Scheer or his successor continue down the Liberal-lite path.

Most importantly, Scheer hiring Kinsella gives the PPC an ethical stick to whack the CPC with. It is always easy to attack the Liberals’ ethics, but now Scheer has proven that the CPC is really no better. The PPC should be talking about bringing ethics, trust and the rule of law back into politics. Max should just hammer Scheer and his gunsel Kinsella.

300,000 votes, candidates in every riding, was an amazing start. Now Scheer has handed Max a huge opportunity. I am hoping he takes full advantage and, in the process, kills off the Frankenstein creation which is the CPC.

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4 thoughts on “Kinsella and the CPC

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  2. Dwayne says:

    It is politics after all. I would never hire Kinsella for anything, but that’s just me. The man is a typical “progressive” through and through. I have no problem with the CPC hiring someone to do politics to the PPC, they are “the enemy” so to speak, when it comes to getting votes, just as much as the Liberals, NDP, Green Party, and the other commies are. And I am not in favour of splitting the conservative vote. I will not cut my nose off to spite my face, that is just stupid in my books. You would think that after all the years of Reform and the PCs splitting the vote and letting the Liberals slide up the middle, conservatives would learn. But nope.

    All that said, Scheer has to go. He had his shot to defeat a wounded animal in the Liberal Party and he failed. Smart conservatives knew they would get no help from the mainstream media, but the CPC failed to push the black face failures. The Vancouver school story made more news in freaking Buffalo, for God’s sake. No push back from the CPC in ads at all. Useless, fire the whole war room over those two major events. They should have pounded on the hypocritical virtue signaler.

    Also, the election just reinforced that “progressives” are fine with racism, as long as the racist is on “their” team. The outrage mob hasn’t time to crucify one of their own, just other old white guys who don’t play for them. If Bill Peters wore black face, he would have lost his job faster than Don Cherry was fired. But not one voice was raised to demand that Trudeau step down during the election. Not one voice has been raised to remove him from office. Nothing. He is “their” racist, and that is all right with the CBC, CTV, and all the other mainstream voices. The twitter mob could not be stirred.

  3. Terry Rudden says:

    “The Vancouver school story made more news in freaking Buffalo, for God’s sake.” That was actually an interesting phenomenon. Maybe you can shed some light on it for me. Because it ended up looking very much like a Kinsella/Roger Stone-style dirty trick.
    a) No reputable media outlet touched the story. Spare me the “it’s because they’re all in Trudeau’s pocket” nonsense: it’s because no-one every produced a single piece of evidence. Nothing.
    b) Every story that DID run in various tweets and blogs was carefully framed to avoid libel, always predicated with “a major article is pending” or “It’s rumored that” and similar demurrers used by slime like Ezra when they want to smear without evidence.
    c) The “Buffalo Chronicle”, frequently referenced as an actual ‘news” soujrce, appears (at least in their Canadian stories) to be a classic fake news site. Canadaland is definitely a partisan source, but you may find this article enlightening.

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