Now, normally I am all about forgiving and forgetting…but in Richard Warman’s case I have to make an exception.

You owe it to yourself to read this rant. Puts the boots to Lucy and his enablers.

Plus The Doggrel Party has discovered what the Hate Sniffer General is up to now that he can’t beat up basement Nazis.

And Jesse Brown writing in Macleans celebrates the end of Richard’s Law.

4 thoughts on “Meanies

  1. The Gentile says:

    Yes, well, the real test will be whether Lucy decides to continue his lawfare charade by going after me while his house of Human Rights cards can no longer stand the winds of change.

    Again, nice to see you back from your blogabout.

  2. jaycurrie says:

    Well, he might…but my own sense is the asshole is out of money. And his lawyers have to be getting a bit bored with the useless crap he has them litigating.

    Rumor has it our hero is home lawyering – fool for a client and all – so expect a libel notice in crayon.

  3. Blaze Pascal says:

    Defense of Internet Speech Fund

    Pass it on!

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