Cage Fight!

The little shit will probably pull it down so here it is:

I have formally demanded a retraction of, and apology for, this defamatory piece about me by National Review. I have retained counsel to pursue my legal rights.

The guy who wrote the offending article comparing the Penn State “investigation” of the football coach’s predilections for lads to the “investigation” of Michael Mann’s scientific practices….our old friend Mark Steyn. I commented at What’s Up With That:

“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.”

Joy, joy, happy happy! I’ve always thought Mann was a tone-deaf idiot but never in my wildest dreams did I think he’d be dumb enough to sue, or even threaten to sue, a guy as bright as Steyn.

And, on balance, I rather suspect that Mann has absolutely no clue just how clever Mark actually is. We Canadians have had a ring side seat to Mark destroying the whole edifice of “speech regulation” in Canada. He didn’t just win, he and a few other people are directly responsible for the repeal of Canada’s anti-free speech laws.

But the best part is that Mark is wickedly funny. As we have learned, the “climate concerned community” has no sense of humour at all. Long before this goes to Court (as if) Mark will have a jolly excuse to make fun of Mikey.

It will not be pretty. But, Dear Lord, it will be fun.

Sue Mikey, sue!

I have beer, I have popcorn…Let the Games begin.

28 thoughts on “Cage Fight!

  1. John says:

    Jay: save some for me. I would love to see some of this stuff go to court where people actually have to back up what they claim. First witness up: Wegman!


  2. jaycurrie says:

    I’d love to see Wegman cross examined on Mann’s statistics.

    And I agree with you, taking this stuff to Court is an excellent idea especially when you have a plaintiff like Mann – whiney, arrogant and not much of a scientist. Remember how well “An Inconvienient Truth” fared in the British Courts?

    The bonus, of course, is all that discovery.

    • John says:

      Jay: yes, that would be great, especially when all Wegman appears to have done is to accept the results and not replicate them. And I do recall how AIT made out. The courts confirmed they got the science correct but disagreed with some of the examples used in the film. And some of those are plainly wrong (we can go through them one by one if you wish).

      In regards to discovery, what do you actually expect to discover? Remember Barton spent millions investigating and found exactly nothing.

      So, I agree with you – bring on the popcorn!

      • 26south says:

        There was no agreement the science was correct. Judges did not make judgements on the validity of the science only on the ridiculous exaggerations in the film.
        As to “discovery” in a civil case, how about all the emails Penn State refuse to release under FOI requests. For starters.

      • John says:

        26south: The judge concluded “I have no doubt that Dr Stott, the Defendant’s expert, is right when he says that: ‘Al Gore’s presentation of the causes and likely effects of climate change in the film was broadly accurate.'”

        In regards to disclosure, I refer you again to the Barton investigation. If something that high profile could find nothing, then I would guess there is nothing to find.


  3. The LS from SK says:

    BCL doesn’t seem to like Mark very much. Words like this ” Its about time somebody sued Mark Steyn. He’s an evil shit, and his writings served as a philosophical foundation for mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik”.

    Hope Mark sues him (part of the gang of 3).

  4. Ted Glass says:

    BCL is more than a bit of a dummy…He’s the whole thing.

  5. BCL still writing? He was one of those involved in that infamous John Miller, Little Green Book episode? Future e-archaelogists will be studying that one, for sure…

  6. There used to be a car commercial (or something) in which the excited dad shouts to the mom:

    “Quit our jobs! Pull the kids outta school!!”

    When my friends and I were super excited by some surprising development, we’d yell that at each other.

    Right now, it’s all I can think of.

  7. Binky says:

    The truth will out; the dirty laundry shall be aired; the decline shall be unhidden. Even poor Binks got banned by Little Big Mann!

  8. Peter Crawford says:

    Little Big Mann is a good one. I always refer to the prick as ‘Ghastly Little’. He is so arrogant he doesn’t realise that by engaging Mark Steyn in a battle of wits he is walking into a gunfight armed only with a cudgel.

    There will be nothing left of him bar a few wisps of hair and some teeth.

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  10. jayhd says:

    Hope Mann sues, I can’t wait for what comes out in the discovery process! The UVa emails, the documents Dr. Tim Ball’s lawyers are after, everything will be up for grabs. Chances are that his lawyers will drop the whole thing and tell Mann to keep quiet.

  11. Matthew W says:

    I enjoy listening to Mark when he subs for El Rushbo on the radio.
    I would be very surprised (pleasantly though) if Mann actually followed through with the lawsuit.
    Mann is a climate science bully and I am always surprised at how the other climate scientists let him behave the way he does.

  12. Dirt says:

    LOL a lawsuit would ensure the unwashed masses get a shot at peer reviewing the climate change science, hay if the word of a hiker is sound peer reviewed “Science” my opinion should matter as well.

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  14. Maikeru says:

    One is reminded of the day it was announced that Macleans/Mark Steyn were to be made to defend against ‘human rights’ hate-speech Complaints…

  15. SeattleConservative says:

    Steyn is a humorist of the first order, and sharp as H – E – Double-Michael-Mann-data-graphs, and I think we’ll all enjoy this ringside seat. (BTW: Note the “u” in “humor” is silent, as it is in “color”, “harbor” and “neighbor” and I don’t know why the Queen’s subjects insist on wasting “u”s like that- The University of East Anglia has already determined that it’s exactly that wanton excess use of the letter “u” that is causing ocean acidification.)

    • jaycurrie says:

      Ha! The “u” is critical in words like “colour”; without it you have this strange word “col or”. I suspect, but do not have time to find out, that the “u” is an artifact of the French strain in English.

      Americans seem to want to pronounce “col or” when, clever people who remained the Queen’s subjects, prefer “col er” for which the “u” is essential. Of course they also seem to want to pronounce “roof”, “ruf”.

      But on Steyn it is “hands across the border”.

  16. Peter Crawford says:

    Well I am a member of FightClubHikers, an elite band of UK hillwalkers who support the use of the letter ‘U’. If we didn’t we’d be fcked.

  17. Maikeru says:

    These butts are made for walkin’…

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  20. Mr Steyn’s comparison of Jerry Sandusky with Al-Fredo Gore-leone’s mate Mickey Mann is unfair to Mr Sandusky who, after all, screwed with a relatively few boys.

    The fascist fraud that Mr-Mann-Made – GW – screws the whole Western World.

    Out of around Fifteen Trillion Dollars!

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