The Big 0 enhanced my chances of getting legless come the US Election.

He was really not very good even with Jim Leher working hard to save him.

I am not a particular Romney fan but he made his points and looked like he belonged in the debate. The Big 0 looked like he would have preferred to have taken Michelle somewhere swanky for a 20th Anniversary Dinner.

My bets at a straight up $100 on Romney to win (bar bet which can be paid over time) and a popular vote bet at a pint a point.

My own sense is that two things happened tonight: first, Romney won in a walk and even the liberal media are unable to spin it otherwise, second, by winning Romney puts paid to the narrative of a stumble bum campaign with a “gaffe” a minute. The timing could not be better for my beer intake – people start to actually pay attention in October. Winning the week by week in October is critical.

Romney won week 1 tonight, next week Paul Ryan will wipe the floor with Joe Biden. Then there are only two weeks left both of which will feature a repeat of tonight’s knockout.

When I was twenty I would, very occasionally  have  6-8 beers in an evening. That was a long time ago. I could manage four or five and I think tonights performance puts that within reach.

Update: The Jackal agrees, “The President got his ass kicked.”

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