Rob Ford and the Toronto Media

I find Rob Ford rather repellant. Better than the other guys but that just shows how weak the Toronto conservative bench really is.

Of course I am delighted he gets up the nose of all the right people, but he is still pretty gross.

And now, having failed to depose him via a stupid Court case, the bien pensant are going for the flat out smear. Armed with a grainy picture of a big fat idiot and, apparently, the word of a bunch of murdering drug dealers, the Toronto media – and right thinking citizens in the Annex and environs – have decided that Ford  smokes crack with black people. If true, this is not a good thing.

However, for the moment the fact is that these great and good folks a) don’t have the video, b) have sorta lost track of the people who claim to have the video, c) are looking dumber by the hour.

Time to put up or shut up: got the video? Great, let’s give the drug dealers the 200K (and not ask too many questions, OK) and out Ford as a crack smoking fat boy. Or, if you can’t actually produce the video, shut up.

Meanwhile, conservatives, please…try to find less revolting people to elect. Just because Ford is better than any of the dimwit lefties who ran against him is no reason to be proud of the buffoon – try to do better. The reality is that there are smart, articulate, conservative people with fewer downsides than the Ford Brothers bring to the table. Why not go that way?

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