Keeping up with the Fords

Obviously, Rob Ford, his brother, his sister and his mother are doing a stealth reality show.

The Kardashians have nothing on the Fords when it comes to getting international media attention.

Episodes will include:

“Rob finds out that he and Jack were seeing the same rub and tug girl.”

“Justin and Rob smoke a fattie.”

“Doug Ford discovers that brother Rob actually, sorta, well, kinda, killed a guy, but by mistake.”

“Mother Ford finds Rob’s forty year old BBW porn stash.”

“Estonian Day celebration turns into food fight with Rob and Doug competing to see who can scarf the most strudel.”

“Rob skates naked at Nathan Philips Square. Not even the Star is willing to print the pics.”

“Kim Kardashian comes to Toronto – Rob grabs half her ass, Doug does wingman duties on the other half”

“Olivia Chow waives her pointy finger.”

“A bit drunk, Rob accidentally knocks the Queen Street streetcar off its tracks.”

“Toronto City Council passes a resolution saying it will collectively hold its breath until Jon Stewart stops being “so mean” to Toronto.”

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