OED Here I Come

My pal Kathy Shaidle was kind enough to send me this link:


Apparently the good people at Wordspy thing that I coined “underbussed” as a verb.

It looks like Richard Warman has been underbussed by the Department of Justice as well as the CHRC.
—Jay Currie, “Panic Stations,” Jay Currie, October 28, 2008
That particular iteration of my blog is lost to history unless it is on an old hard drive or the Wayback Machine. But I am completely delighted.
I am also, I am afraid, just about certain that I did not actually coin the verb.
But, when greatness is thrust upon you…
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One thought on “OED Here I Come

  1. Maikeru says:

    One notes the expression repeated by an internet sue a side bomber.

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