For Canadians, the US Presidential election is largely a source of entertainment and this one is shaping up as a bonanza.

Trump behind Cruz and a bit ahead of Rubino. The man promises to buy a farm. Trump is, as is universally acknowledged, a buffoon. But he is also Cruz’s bulldog. While Ted is wasting his very fine mind praising Jesus for the rubes, Trump is providing the distraction to move the frame so Cruz sounds plausible.

On the Republican side there will now be an Establishment push to get behind Rubino – poor Jeb! spent $2600 a vote…he’s done – Inside/Outside. Trump is hated, Cruz is feared; Rubino is business as usual. Hard to call. Trump should win New Hampshire. And South Carolina becomes the make or break. I doubt Trump can win – and am a bit relieved at that – but he gets to make the deal. Which is interesting because there is really nothing Trump wants. Sec State…Please. Trump needs to be the top dog or no dog at all.

But I am actually more interested in the Democratic race. That criminal bitch Hilly (and indeed I don’t like the fat skank) is down to coin tosses and lost ballots to beat Bernie by a whisker. I wrote a pal of mine in the US suggesting that, as a Canadian used to the NDP and the further reaches of the Liberal Party, Bernie holds no terror. Nothing Bernie stands for is anything more than the middle part of the Liberal Party of Canada. But Hilly is a whole other story.

It is very clear indeed that she, as Sec State put the nation’s secrets at risk with her vanity server. It is also clear that, at best, she did not stand up for her people in Benghazi. But it is worse than all that. Somehow she has lost some essential spark of humanity. She is described as robotic but that does not quite capture what is wrong. Long before her conk on the head Hilly was going through the motions. A wind up doll. More or less a political zombie marching relentlessly in the general direction of the Presidency, not because she wants to be President but rather because it compels her.

Like Gollum and the ring.

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6 thoughts on “Iowa

  1. dddddancetotheradio says:

    Hey Jay,
    I think you write off Trump too soon and I look forward to him crushing Hillary in the debates.
    Did you watch Bill Clinton last night standing behind Hillary?
    It’s only twenty four years since he first won.
    And now he looks ill, frail and almost child like.

    • Jay Currie says:

      ’m not writing off Trump but second with Rubio snapping at his heels was not brilliant.

      I did see Bill. He looked a cross between high, stuffed and mesmerised by the girl with the huge ta-tas in row 4. Not an asset for the witch.

  2. Terry Rudden says:

    “Criminal bitch/fat skank/witch/zombie…”

    It’s a special little hell you must find yourself in sometimes, Jay – afflicted with the capacity to provide thoughtful conservative commentary, and cursed with a readership that only responds to this kind of juvenilia. You can do better.

    • Jay Currie says:

      l don’t like Hilly. I think her vanity server makes her a criminal. I find her tone bitchy. She is fat, she behaved in a skanky way when dealing with the women her husband abused. Witch is a bit of invective. Zombie describes her speaking style perfectly.

  3. […] in January, before Iowa, I suggested that one plausible reading of Trump is that he was clearing a path for […]

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