The General Council of the United Church wants to boycott Israel.

There is a second vote on Friday to “affirm” this lunacy.

I wrote at some length as to why churches are dying.

Apparently, the General Council of the United Church figures the United Church is not dead enough.



2 thoughts on “Dolts

  1. PJ says:

    I can assure anyone that the UCC is indeed t run for and by Dolts !

  2. Maikeru says:

    UCC’s ‘thin edge of the wedge’ endorses boycott of goods produced in Israeli settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

    To be at all effective, goods produced in those quarters will have to be distinguished from goods produced in Israel ‘proper’.

    On the surface, the parallel appears to be the difference between ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in Taiwan’, whereas the actual equivalent is demanding that folks boycott goods ‘Made in Tibet’.

    UCC parishioners appear to be divided on the issue, so to follow through with truth in labelling, the institution should be re-named ‘Church of Canada’.

    And in related news:

    “We are calling for boycotting the Israeli products simply because the Israelis shouldn’t benefit from occupying our land and our people,” said boycott activist Murad Sudani, who heads the Palestinian Writers Union.

    Murad is occupied with calling for occupants occupied in occupied areas to be unoccupied unoccupied unoccupied occupants.

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