The Silence of The Donald

Apparently Woodrow Wilson wrote a friend, “Never … murder a man who is committing suicide.”

It is sound advice. Advice Donald Trump has managed to follow today.

At this point the only thing Trump can or should do vis a vis Hillary is wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to the first debate. There is nothing to be gained from Hillary and the Democrats’ huge problem. It is their huge problem, not his.

For Trump, Hillary’s illness, whether actually pneumonia or something deeper, is a gift which is better unopened.

The fact is that Hillary is just about the only Democratic potential candidate Trump has a shot at beating. Biden comes in and the Trump run is over. Kaine would be tough, Warren as a substitute female candidate would have more traction than Trump wants. The only surefire loser, and possibly the one potential candidate that Trump could defeat nearly as easily as Hilly, is Bernie Sanders and, frankly, Trump might have trouble there.

No, Trump wants Hillary to last out the week, indeed the month, until it is entirely too late for the Democrats to kick her to the curb and come up with a winner. So, if he is as smart as I suspect he is, he keeps his mouth, and Twitter account, shut. It will nearly kill him but letting Hilly twist in the wind is his best move.

I think he’ll make that move. One day at a time.

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3 thoughts on “The Silence of The Donald

  1. derek says:

    We are about to see a dam bursting. Probably by the end of the day Monday.

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